The Main Points Business Email List Of Basel

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The Main Points Business Email List Of Basel

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The minimum quality capital (“core capital”), which only includes business email list ordinary shares of capital and retained earnings, will increase from the 2% required in the previous Basel II agreement to 4.5% of weighted assets. risk (credits). The banks will have to gradually build between 2016 and 2019 two "capital buffers" that can be used in future times of crisis. The future challenges of the financial system. The banking sector will face important challenges in the coming years business email list to respond to the financial crisis with: A much more regulated environment A progressive aging of the population in Europe The globalization The disparity between the growth of emerging countries and developed countries.

These challenges will be linked to distribution channels business email list and technology . The standardized retail financial services model will probably be replaced by a more diversified and personalized physical-virtual branch model, the demand for which is business email list beginning to mature and whose development is no longer in doubt. This assumes coexistence between: The office online banking mobile banking ATMs Direct marketing of non-financial products The requirement to raise solvency levels arises from Basel III . A banking solvency regulation model has been imposed business email list that requires more capital of the highest quality: “ core capital ”.


The survival of banks depends in part on innovation and the business email list search for innovative business models to strengthen their capabilities and to be able to compete in an environment of a constantly changing sector. What are the anti-corruption standards? What is corruption? “When you notice that in order to produce you need to obtain authorization from those who do not produce anything; when you verify that money flows to those who traffic not goods, but favors; when you business email list perceive that many get rich through bribery and influence more than through work, and that the laws do not protect you against them.

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